Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pesach Is Difficult

Things that are difficult to do:

  • Bike riding. Also, bike riding in a skirt. I haven't been bike riding in something like 12 years, so I forgot this. I now have bruises on my legs (which were the result of trying to pull down my skirt while in motion on a bike) and I remember.
  • Going a week without Diet Coke. It is by far the single thing I miss most this year on Pesach, with the maybe exception of Coffee Bean. Stupid California that changed its law so I cannot have my bubbly caffeine fix. This is made especially difficult by the fact that I know there is no actual Pesach problem with regular Diet Coke. (Sefardim can drink regular Diet Coke on Pesach; aspartame, a chemical which so far as I know cannot be used as flour, is apparently kitnoyot.)
  • Getting permission to serve alcohol at our wedding. This seems to be close to impossible. I have a form that says it needs to be filled out by the LAPD. Between Z and myself, we must have spoken to 10 police departments and city agencies yesterday, all of whom claimed they have no idea what we're talking about. I went to the Alcohol and Beverages Commission today, who said so long as we're not selling alcohol or selling tickets to our wedding, they don't care what we do. Then I went to the police department, where I dropped off the form. But I have zero confidence that this form will get to the appropriate people. Less than zero confidence.
  •  Stress baking on Pesach. Pesach cake mixes just don't do it. Mostly because you don't end up with anything remotely delicious when you're through. I may have decided to make a lemon tart last night at 2 a.m. Because I am insane. I am less than sure about the Pesach pie crust I made, but I get points for being resourceful. (I did not have a Pesach strainer and so I used a cheesecloth relative for the lemon curd.)


At 4/15/12, 2:26 AM, Blogger Scraps said...

Prior to next Pesach, remind me to send you my mother's sponge cake recipe. It's nice and complicated and would be good for stress baking. (It's also gebrokts and really yummy.)


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