Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bookstores and Coffee and Travel, Oh My

Once, for my birthday, one of my best friends took me for a coffee tour of Washington, D.C., in which we went to lots of D.C. coffeeshops with good reputations and drank lots of yummy coffee. (There was even a journal where we reviewed the different coffeshops.) It was an excellent and very caffeinated tour. This list of the 20 best bookstores in the world inspires me to do a worldwide bookstore tour. (Honeymoon, maybe?) I, in fact, have maintained a desire to go to Portland ever since a friend told me about a fantastic used bookstore there. I know of nothing else worth seeing in the whole state of Oregon. 

Also, is it sad that I have been to the bookshop in Amsterdam that's on the list but not the one in L.A.?


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