Monday, November 09, 2009

Because I Obviously Have to Link to Anything About Shoes

"It's just fun to shop for shoes. Maybe part of the fun is you don't feel fat. And you don't get hot. It's exhausting trying clothes on, especially the skinny jeans."

The NYT says shoe sales are up in one of those recession trend stories about people who aren't really poor that the NYT just loves to write. People who are acquiring "boot wardrobes" and buying Allen Edmonds shoes (OK, I looked it up—I don't know anything about men's shoes) are just not the people suffering from this recession.

I do, however, like this argument: "Living in New York, she walks everywhere. 'I use the argument, "If I spend $150 to $300 on shoes, this is my car." ' " Yeah, I forget how to deal with all those quotation marks in quotation marks, and my handy AP Style Guide is on the other coast. But, still, I wish I had thought of that argument before I had a car.


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