Thursday, August 06, 2009

Deep Thoughts: The (First) L.A. Edition

"His wife was from California, the sunny part. My grandmother used to speculate that she had been one of those permanently tanned, bouncy blondes—a perfectly wholesome type, but entirely too easily persuaded that good health and boundless energy for good deeds were the natural results of clean living and practical values. No one had told her that health and energy and the Lord's work are harder to come by in bad weather."

I am currently sitting in a Coffee Bean, drinking expensive coffee and taking advantage of their free WiFi because I currently have neither a coffeemaker nor Internet, which is no way to live. My first thoughts from the other coast:
  • My mincha text-message alerts are still on East Coast time. So, I just got a text message saying shkiya is in half an hour. Except it's 4:30 (and I already davened mincha). I should probably rectify this. Though I am considering leaving my watch on East Coast time. And I have a MetroCard with 25 cents on it in my wallet. (Also, I apparently have to fix my Blogger time, since it says I posted this at 7:40-ish, which would be true if I were on the East Coast.)
  • It is really hard to unpack when you don't have hangers or a dresser.
  • It is really hard to get said things without a car. And it is really hard to get a car without already having one because, counter-intuitively, you need a car to get to the places that sell cars. (And it's especially hard to get a car when the girl who said she'd give you a ride is being a total flake and not picking up her phone.)
  • I am trying to decide how I feel about my ability to build shelves in my closet (in lieu of buying a dresser). This is a fantastic idea because I have lots of closet space, made less fantastic because it involves me using a hammer.
  • I can't wait for the part where this starts to feel like home.


At 8/9/09, 8:53 PM, Blogger Shira said...

You're in LA, I'm excited for you - don't worry, give it time, it'll get less surreal (sooner or later). It'll also be easier when you've got a car and feel more self-sufficient. But... it sounds like things are good. You've got a place to live and a place to have a coffee and be able to surf the internet.

Take care,
Be in touch.


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