Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Deep Thoughts: The Barnes & Noble Edition

First I wasted time by perusing  Barnes & Noble instead of being productive. Now I am blogging about my bookstore adventures (or something) instead of being productive.

  • Presidential Scrabble. Think on it for a minute. At first, it seems like an awesome idea, then you try to figure out how it works--and even with the box in hand this proved difficult--and you ask, Why? The board is roundish and you can play words to win states' electoral and popular votes. It sounds sorta fantastic, so I'd say the jury is still out until I play it. (Though the box says you're playing to be the country's 44th president and so is already outdated. Also, apparently John McCain is older than Scrabble.)
  • I have this thing for leather-bound books. In fact, I've already claimed as my sole piece of inheritance the set of leather-bound classics in my parent's house. But that's just it--classics should be leather-bound. Not contemporary popular fiction like Wicked and Son of a Witch. And is anyone really going to spend $300 for a signed copy of Giuliani's Leadership
  • I saw a picture book on Obama, which I considered getting for my woefully uninformed siblings. Then I read the back--and as soon as I found that the author personified hope, I gave up on the book. But I did discover a whole slew of inspirational books about politicians and politics for children. Shudder. I mean, I am sure some of them are fantastic but do you really want to scare your 7-year-old with a Dick Cheney biography?


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