Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deep Thoughts: The Spilled Coffee Edition

  • Is it a sign that the day is going to get better or worse if you spill coffee on someone else on the subway?
  • Getting a free drink on the street--excellent. Not knowing if the hechsher is good--less excellent. Also, it says on the bottle that it "may contain juice sediment," which is definitely less than excellent. (Also, the drink, called Mash, has no Web site. How ridiculous is that?)
  • I like this quote: "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all -- in which case, you fail by default." (From J.K. Rowling's commencement address at Harvard.)
  • How bad is it that I needed to bring a folding chair into my room to sit at my desk because my desk chair is piled so high with stuff that unearthing it would be a major project? Also, I really want this desk.
  • If, hypothetically, two of my sisters were at my apartment for Shabbos and we all needed hooded sweatshirts because it was raining, then it is possible that we might have all ended up in different variations of Columbia sweatshirts because, um, those are the only sweatshirts I have. (And, yes, I have totally lost my ability to use tenses correctly.) I offered my sister who went to Brovender's my Michlala sweatshirt. She declined the offer.


At 8/20/08, 10:12 AM, Blogger kultora said...

eli7, you're being too hard on yourself! spill the coffee on yourself if it will make you feel better - or burnt. the mash name even sounds terrible - give it to a homeless person (don't spill it on them .. hehe?) in the subway. we all have projects and books we are halfway avoiding - that means we're busy. this must be the sign of a good sweatshirt!

Go put on a Fats Waller album and then follow it with an Erroll Garner album. One aspirin with teaspoon of water followed by a cup of sugar QID.


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