Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Deep Thoughts: The Frappuproblem Edition

  • If you talk on the phone while cooking French toast, you are pretty much asking for the hot margarine to splatter and burn your arm. Oops.

  • Also, It is unclear to me why, according to AP style, the "French" in French toast must be capitalized, but the "French" in french fry is not capitalized.

  • A newspaper--at least a serious one--should never ever ever run a sentence that looks like this: "Starbucks has found itself with a venti frappuproblem."

  • My explanation of my shoes to a friend: "Falling into gutters is not fun, it's just a necessary outcome of beautiful shoes, which are fun. Call it a psik reishah." Yeah, I just used a halachic term to describe my shoes. Sacrilege?


At 7/2/08, 11:50 AM, Anonymous scraps said...

Not sacrilege, just funny. ;)


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