Monday, May 12, 2008

The Shape of an 'L' on Her Forehead

  • I burnt my forehead with a curling iron. I can't decide if it is more ugly or embarrassing.
  • Year-late graduation presents are fantastic. As are belated birthday presents, years in the making. Now I just need to find wall space for said presents. The pink-and-orange curtain might have to come down -- and I risked my life to hang it up.
  • I have an amazing, amazing sister. I am also incredibly adept at bribery (which may have something to do with the feats of manipulation I pulled off to get things like an iPod, a designer coat, an American Girl doll...)
  • If my sister and I were a sitcom, it would go something like this: Get coffee and doughnuts, watch a chick flick, trade some witty banter. Repeat. We'd break it up with perhaps some shopping, some cooking. Before getting coffee and watching a movie. Coffee is a way of life in my family. (If this vaguely reminds you of another sitcom, I'd just like to say that we came first.)


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