Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sympathy Pangs?

Today, the editor-in-chief and managing editor of the publication where I work fired a reporter.

Now, she is a reporter who I specifically disliked (and it takes a lot to make me dislike someone). She was a reporter who gave me a hard time, who sent letters to my editors saying I messed up. But she also graduated my year at Columbia. And she just got fired from her first job.

And that's sort of scary--to watch someone my age, someone straight out of school with hopes and dreams and an Ivy League degree of her own get fired just like that.

My boss, who was feeling pretty badly about the whole thing afterward, said, "You don't get fired from the job you're meant to have." I think she's right, but I'm still feeling sorry for the reporter who gave me such a hard time.


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