Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why I Did Not Go to the Rally Today

I was in THE City today and my mom called me to tell me that there was going to be an anti-Disengagement rally in front of the U.N.

Now besides for the fact that I had other things to do and at that moment was on a bus (part of NY's excellent public transportation system) headed away from where the protest was going to be held, I really don't think it's the place of American Jewry to protest Israel's actions to either the American government or to the United Nations.

I am anti-Disengagement, but when it comes down to it, Israel has it hard enough without being sanctioned any more by the U.N. and without losing support from its closest ally. The bottomline is, Israel is a democracy and the Isreali government made a choice I don't like, but if I want a say in Isreal's actions, I should go move to Israel and become a citizen.

And until then, I will wear my orange bracelet (next to a blue "Support Israel" one) and quietly protest an action which I think is terrible (and no matter what side of the fence you're on, you have to admit that those pictures of Disengagment are terrible and that moving Jews out of their homes is terrible). But that's it.

I refuse to proclaim loudly to the world that I think Israel is wrong. Because even though I think Isreal is doing something wrong, I love Israel with all my heart and soul, and I think she can use all the support she can muster.


At 8/16/05, 8:15 PM, Blogger Nephtuli said...


I cannot understand why people are protesting outside the UN. The UN supports disengagement is not going to condemn Israel for withdrawing from Gaza. The UN has been pressing Israel to disengage for decades. Why have a rally there? Makes no sense.

One question: If you are anti-Disengagement, why do you have the blue with orange ribbon on your blog? I thought that ribbon was designed to show support for disengagement (the blue) but also sympathy for the settlers (the orange).

At 8/16/05, 10:06 PM, Blogger Michael said...

No, Nephtuli, the ribbon can show support for either or both sides. That's why it's a combination of both colors; you can decide (if you'd like) with which side you identify more passionately...or remain indecisive entirely.

Here's some more info about it, if you're interested:

At 8/16/05, 10:29 PM, Blogger Nephtuli said...

Interesting. I take back the question. Sorry Eli.

At 8/17/05, 10:54 PM, Blogger Michael said...

And then Nephtuli puts up a ribbon on his blog, too. Emulating is the highest form of flattery...

At 8/18/05, 2:31 AM, Blogger The Rabbi's Kid said...

kol hakavod girl

At 8/21/05, 8:15 PM, Blogger MODoc said...

I concur. We live here, not there, so it is not right for us to protest in the US against a decision made by the Govt of Israel.
But I do wonder if there would come a time that I might change my mind? Like what if Sharon decided to give away Jerusalem???


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