Friday, July 22, 2011

Deep Thoughts: The Hole in the Ozone Layer Edition

Sorry, sorry. I know that i have been out of blogging commission for a while, but in my defense, I have also been, y'know, out of the country and stuff like that. I want to blog about Amsterdam and life and everything, but for now, I will leave you with some random thoughts and get back to schoolwork even though I am on summer vacation and in Washington, D.C., and just took the red eye and probably should take a nap. Academic research waits for no one. Or something.

  • I know that I lived in D.C. for three summers so it should not come as a surprise to me that it's a million degrees and humid here, but it's disgusting here. I have to say, I do not love L.A., but knowing that a climate like L.A.'s exists, how do people defend living in this miserableness?
  • Things that are weird for people to talk about with random strangers on a plane: how much their children suck.
  • I am pretty much doing my part to cause global warming. In the past month or so, I have driven from L.A. to San Diego and back four times, flown to Amsterdam and back, and have now flown from L.A. to D.C. Yeah, that hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger thanks to my huge carbon footprint.
  • And speaking of feet, I may have brought eight pairs of shoes with me for a two and a half week trip. That seems reasonable, right? 


At 7/22/11, 12:28 PM, Blogger %Shocked% said...

1) Because climate isn't the only thing that matters lol.

2) Sad. Very very sad.

3) Niiice!! But I don't think you've done very much, if any, damage relative to thousands of others :P

4) No, no it's not reasonable at all. That's ridiculous lol


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