Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Promoting Pedestrianism?

I have a really lousy sense of direction. Which means that pretty much every time I attempt to go anywhere in Amsterdam, I get lost. This might also have something to do with the facts that I am walking everywhere because I haven't yet figured out the public transportation system here and that I refuse to rent a bike (which seems to be how most people here get around) because of an unfortunate childhood arm-breaking biking incident. Anyhow, I am enjoying walking, which I don't get very much of in L.A. (I may sometimes drive to the Coffee Bean that is down the block from my apartment.)

I do, though, count being able to navigate New York City as part of the definition of a real New Yorker (also on this list—for women, at least—is being able to stand on the subway in heels without holding onto anything). So, I laugh at this initiative that implies NY-ers need better signs in order to get around The City. If you want to put up better signs that will prevent annoying tourists from wandering around looking confused and getting in the way, then great, but don't say that real New Yorkers need these signs, too.

I should admit that I needed to link to that article, in part, to point out the use of the word pedestrianism, which is a pretty awesome, if flashy, word.


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