Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And No, I Will Not Get High

I just got funding to go to Amsterdam for two weeks this summer to attend a program about digital methods. This makes me very excited. For all those who are about to ask whether I am going to get high while there (because everyone seems to think it's hilarious to ask that question to someone who so obviously will not), it is not on my to-do list. Though I was thinking that I really enjoyed Widow for One Year by John Irving, which takes place in Amsterdam. But being as it's about a woman who witnesses a prostitute get murdered in the Red Light District, I do not think I will be re-reading it in anticipation of my trip. Also because even though I shipped 250 pounds of books to L.A. when I moved here (including a lesser Irving title and another awesome Irving book), I apparently left that book in New York. 

But while I'm on the topic of Irving, I will link to one of his essays, which I really like: "Trying to Save Piggy Sneed." 


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