Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Deep Thoughts: The I'm a Mac Edition

  • I have a beautiful new Mac. It is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. (Now if only I can get all my files off my very-dead old laptop, my computer life would be perfect.) Also, it is cut from one solid piece of aluminum, much like the menorah in the Mishkan was cut from one solid piece of gold, except, you know, not as miraculous or anything like that.
  • In which my decision to go back to school is justified by the amazing nap opportunities I will have in the library: "[I[n my experience, the high temple of napping is the university library. It is a place so good for sleep that it comes close to justifying the whole pursuit of higher education."
  • My life goal, at one point, was to make enough money to afford a mode of transportation that was not Greyhound. I haven't really gotten there yet (or ever?), though I currently aim for Bolt Bus. But I do tend to agree with the assertion that "Not only are these train or plane types spending more money than is strictly necessary—a sure sign of moral inferiority—but they have failed to learn the supremely useful, difficult-to-master art of distinguishing among the baser things in life." So, yeah, I have that.
  • Also, this woman is cruel. Absolutely evil. But I do sympathize with her Coke problem: " 'I never saw a prettier shade of red than a can of Coca-Cola,' she says wistfully, then adds with a smirk: " 'I have a little Coke problem, and it kills me to say it.' " Though maybe Diet Coke—my weakness—doesn't count as junk food, so she wouldn't snatch it away from her children as she prevents them from having any fun at all?
  • And new recession trend: Spending a ridiculous amount on your wedding to make it look like you didn't spend too much.


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