Friday, October 20, 2006

Things I Learned (or Re-learned) This Week

Crazy, busy week and another crazy, busy week coming up and clearly I am blogging instead of, like, fixing my resume or writing 500 words on why I love commas and em dashes or napping in the wake of my three hours of sleep last night. Because clearly that makes sense. Things I learned this week (cuz I'm too tired to have even not-so-deep thoughts):

  • The best time to write a paper is between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.
  • Diet coke means love.
  • Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them. (This after watching a whole bunch of them sink into a deep depression after watching the Mets lose last night.)
  • Sleep is overrated.
  • Rainboots are amazing. As are naps. I'm ready to go back to kindergarten.
  • I miss my sister. I miss Israel. I may be able to fix this problem in one fell swoop come January. *Fingers crossed.*
  • Several semi-entertaining anecdotes do not an essay make.
  • Homework pads are only useful if you check them.
  • In a few hours I can literally write seven pages about anything or nothing. This is mildly disturbing.


At 10/24/06, 9:00 AM, Blogger Scraps said...

1) I've written some of my best papers as last-minute as possible, though perhaps not always quite that late (or is it early?).
2) Diet Coke and Fresca are the only types of diet soda I'll drink, but I'll only drink them cold.
3) Throw a few for me, okay?
4) How does "sleep is overrated" jive with "naps are amazing"?
5) Kindergarten was a good year. I would go back and do it again.
6) Yay for trips to Israel! I hope yours works out. :)
7) This is true. But at least the anecdotes keep you amused.
8) This is true. Many things are only useful if they are utilized as they are meant to be.
9) Hey, it's a useful talent, don't knock it!


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