Monday, May 16, 2005

Deep Driving Thought of the Day

I'm a fairly new driver and because I'm in the city most of the time anyway, I rarely drive. As a result, I'm not exactly the best driver in the world. So, unlike some of my friends who can practically drive in their sleep, it's something I don't really take for granted. And I'm always awestruck by how easy it is to get into a car accident, how many times in a trip you come so close to getting into an accident, how a tiny jerk of your arm or foot could lead to calamity when you're driving. I always feel like I have to thank God as soon as I get anywhere by car that I got there in one piece. Maybe lots of things in life are like that and we just don't stop and think how lucky we are that we've gotten where we are, how close we came to losing it all, how much we have to thank Hashem for everything we have.


At 5/16/05, 10:25 PM, Blogger Devorah said...

Suffice it to say a certain someone is quite scared when he's in the car and I'm behind the wheel....

At 5/17/05, 6:22 PM, Blogger Eli7 said...

I've been in the car with you, Devorah, and totally understand this anonymous certain someone's feelings ;)


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