Monday, April 04, 2005

Friend Worth Wearing Seafoam Green for: Priceless

There's an old Mastercard commercial that goes something like this:

You see a girl obviously on her way to a wedding, dressed in a seafoam green dress with matching shoes and accessories. The text reads: "Seafoam green dress: $150, seafoam green dyed-to-match shoes: $80, manicure: $12, hair appointment: $45, friend worth wearing seafoam green for: priceless."

Though I do think it was a particularly well-done commercial, this post is not an advertisement for Mastercard or their marketing group, it is my way of wishing mazal tov to a friend who just got engaged. A friend who is very much worth wearing seafom green for (though she is not requesting that I do so). A friend who is in fact priceless.

Mazal Tov!


At 4/5/05, 12:14 PM, Blogger Devorah said...

Your friend would like you to know that she is quite and honored and hopes you realize that her l'chaim would just no be the same without you! Thanks for everything!!!!

At 4/5/05, 5:46 PM, Blogger TRW said...

Devo-dunno if I would'a manicured and hairdressed for the event, (but then again, I'm from a little hicktown south of the Mason Dixon line ;) )
Bestest mazal tovs!!


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