Thursday, March 10, 2005

Money Can't Buy You Love

I'm trying to pack for a week. I say trying because I am absolutely the worst packer on the face of this earth. I'm just not good at it. Somehow, I just cannot figure out all the things I want to have with me for a week. (An example of the dilemmas I face: if I only have room for a blow dryer or a hair iron, which one should I bring?) Why am I so bad at this?

I think the reason is because I have so much stuff; clothing, shoes, flip-flops (don't ask how many pairs I packed), hair stuff. And I feel like I NEED it all. How sad is that? How steeped in gashmiyut am I? Do I not know that "there are some things money can't buy" or am I stuck on the Mastercard bit? If I have one less coordinated shirt/flip-flop outfit with me in Florida or if my hair isn't stick straight the entire time I'm there will I be less happy? If the answer to that is yes, how did I get here? What's wrong with me?

Am I so enthralled with the consumer culture that is America, with this bastion of physicality that I can't focus on what's really important?


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