Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Behold, the Power of Prayer

In less than three hours (will I still be up by then? Possibly.) Taanit Esther will begin. Unlike all the other fast days (with the exception of Yom Kippur), Taanit Esther does not commemorate a tragic event in Jewish history. This fast actually commemorates another fast - the days that the Jews of Persia fasted in supplication to God for salvation from Haman's decree. And that fast ended well - with the victory of Purim.

So, Taanit Esther, unlike all the other fasts is actually a happy fast. While that may not be so easy to remember during those arduous near-starvation hours and while you listen to the Megillah, just waiting for the bite you'll be able to take when it's over. it is well-worth noting.

Tomorrow (well, today) may not be a particularly fun day, but it's also not a day of mourning. It is, in fact, a commemoration of the power of prayer.


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