Friday, October 08, 2010

Wearing White Shoes and Hiding My Underwear

Jezebel tells me that going to college will not make me a "miserable spinster." But will going to grad school make me one?

I have decided that since L.A. does not have seasons and people here wear Uggs in the summer, I can totally wear white shoes after Labor Day.

A piece on what USC students wear reveals they own designer bags, shop at H&M and Forever21, and have useful fashion advice like " "Don't wear anything you don't like," "Don't get caught up in the USC paraphernalia,"  "Never wear heels," "Dress however you want," and "hide your underwear."


At 10/8/10, 6:09 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Just stumbled across your blog. A fascinating read! And I agree with you about wearing white shoes/clothing after Labor Day. Go for it! It's sad, but few people seem to remember etiquette as it pertains to fashion. Oh well. When in Rome, right?

Good luck with your Ph.D!

At 10/10/10, 2:02 PM, Blogger Eli7 said...

Thanks for the kind words!


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